Protests in Ecuador Against Mining and Water Privatization

April 24, 2012
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A 14 day march by indigenous people in Ecuador protesting new developments and laws relinquishing water rights.

On March 22, World Water Day, the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (CONAIE) arrived in the city of Quito, concluding their 14-day national protest march.

Ngabe-Buble Protests in Panama

February 6, 2012
Under Threat
Indigenous nation of Ngabe-Bugle of Panama are blockading the Pan-American highway.


Putting up a Poster is a Dangerous Business in Cabañas, El Salvador

June 16, 2011
Anti-mining activist was last seen putting up a poster. He was found murdered the next day.

 ear Friends, i am very sorry to report the following:

Threats Continue to Radio Victoria

May 20, 2011
Para military thugs threaten this small radio station in El Salvador.

 Radio Victoria AnnouncerRadio Victoria AnnouncerVolunteers at Radio Victoria in El Salvador interact with the 20 Mayo 2011    Hello Friends,

Community Radio in Mexico Leads Fight Against Transnational Mining Companies

April 22, 2011
Community radio in Guerrero, Mexico fighting transnational mining companies.

Transnational mining companies are threatening the territory of the CRAC and the peoples' right to self-determination in southern Guerrero, Mexico. But through their community radio, La Voz de la Costa Chica, the people are fighting back.

Tenemos Todo y Nos Falta Todo / We Have Everything and We Lack Everything:

Abriendo Brecha: Opening the Gap

February 23, 2011

 Cover of the 39th edition of the Salvadoran youth made magazine Abriendo Brecha
Abriendo Brecha: Cover of the 39th edition of Santa Marta's youth made magazine called Abriendo Brecha or Opening the Gap.

Radio Victoria--Sigue siendo Victoria--Parts One and Two

August 21, 2010
Radio Victoria is a small community radio in El Salvador threatened by death squads.