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If you are part of or know about a community media project that we should include, please send us a link, pictures and/or a text about the project.  We are interested in creative media projects that defend human rights, protect the land and species diversity, and build sustainability.  We want to find the many variety of ways that people have fought racism and sexism and have worked for peace.  This could be radio stations, video collectives, mural makers and participatory theater.  We are especially interested in projects that are building local infrastructure to support on-going community means of expression.
Please email submissions to wavesofchange_at_deepdishtv_dot_org




Waves of Change has many examples of community media on DVDs that can be projected to groups where you live.  Set up a screening series related to a specific issue (such as gender, indigenous rights, youth, peace, etc) or based on a particular media format (local radio, mural/graffiti collectives, zines and newspapers, etc.) 


Contact us at deepdishtelevision_at_gmail_dot_com for examples that can inspire your community to get involved.  Let us know the size and type of audience you want to reach.   When you announce the screenings, send us the information and we will post them on our blog.

Guarda Indigena on Minga March 2008

Guarda Indigena on Minga March 2008



The Waves of Change project and Deep Dish TV often work with interns.
Some of the projects interns can do include:
   • log and edit segments for our blog, map or DVD series
   • help with publicity for the Waves of Change project
   • research funding and grants
   • outreach to our networks of producers, cable stations and community groups
   • help with web posts and graphic design
   • add to our databases of community media
   • respond to comments made on our blog or map
   • translate and subtitle segments

Please contact deepdishtelevision_at_gmail_dot_com if you are interested.
Tell us about yourself, your experience, and your goals! And let us know how you found out about Deep Dish TV and the Waves of Change project.