Deep Dish 339 Lafayette Street, NYC 10012Deep Dish 339 Lafayette Street, NYC 10012Since 1986, Deep Dish Television has brought together issues and media makers for dynamic grass roots television, the first alternative community media satellite network.  For twenty five years, Deep Dish has worked with several hundred local stations, thousands of producers and audiences in forty states and several dozen countries. Deep Dish has received thousands of letters, phone calls from viewers and now visitors and contributors via the world wide web. Deep Dish programs are often rebroadcast over and over, as local channel coordinators and media educators use Deep Dish to show the creative possibilities of public access production.   There are hundreds of grass roots organizations that use Deep Dish programs for local organizing.  Deep Dish has become a global model for community use of appropriate technology for human communication in the face of global systems of corporate culture that squeeze out local talent and local concerns.  South Africa, India and Brazil are some of the places where Deep Dish has been seen as an example of grass roots media that preserves and promotes indigenous and minority expression.  Over 1000 hours of programs have been collected and organized by Deep Dish into thematic series on racism, the environment, prisons, health care and many other issues. In the summer of 2000 we created a live daily news program from the Republican and Democratic Conventions, with the Pacifica radio program, Democracy Now! After 9/11 we mobilized to do a daily "War and Peace Report" with Democracy Now! which has become the most influential alternative journalism in the US today. Current Deep Dish series are Waves of Change: the Many Voices of the Global Village and Under the Fence, a series about immigration.