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SCHOOL NET IN NAMIBIA: How comic books are promoting open source free software.

CORK COMMUNITY TV GIVES VOICE TO THE VOICELESS The Irish "rising tide" isn't lifting all boats. This interview with Eddie Noonan and Emma Bowell shows how other voices are heard in Cork, Ireland.

CATIA TV IN VENEZUELA The slogan of Catia TV is Don't Just Watch TV, Make It! This interview with Ricardo Márquez is in Spanish.

THE MOBILE REVOLUTION IN AFRICA A report on a conference in Amsterdam about the use of mobile phones in Africa: hope or hype?

MUSIC IN KOREAN WORKERS MOVEMENTLabor activists in Korea have used video for decades. A recent documentary traces their use of music.

PRECIOUS PLACES OF PHILADELPHIA Scribe Video Center's Precious Places Community History Project reveals bypassed neighborhood sites as bright landmarks.