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Jenin Freedom Theater Attacked

August 1, 2011
Israeli Army attacked the Freedom Theatre in Jenin Refugee Camp

 Jenin Freedom Theater Attacked July 27, 2011Jenin Freedom Theater Attacked July 27, 2011

Community Radio in Mexico Leads Fight Against Transnational Mining Companies

April 22, 2011
Community radio in Guerrero, Mexico fighting transnational mining companies.

Transnational mining companies are threatening the territory of the CRAC and the peoples' right to self-determination in southern Guerrero, Mexico. But through their community radio, La Voz de la Costa Chica, the people are fighting back.

Tenemos Todo y Nos Falta Todo / We Have Everything and We Lack Everything:

Jamie McClelland Discusses the Internet in Africa

March 8, 2011
Jamie McClelland of May First/People Link discusses the Internet in Africa as part of the IMC-Africa report back.

Indymedia Mali

February 27, 2011
Summary of plans for indymedia Mali.


IndyKids: Alternative Media for Children

February 23, 2011



IndyKids describes itself as:

Abriendo Brecha: Opening the Gap

February 23, 2011

 Cover of the 39th edition of the Salvadoran youth made magazine Abriendo Brecha
Abriendo Brecha: Cover of the 39th edition of Santa Marta's youth made magazine called Abriendo Brecha or Opening the Gap.

Demonstrators VS Police

February 2, 2011

Tips for Using Skype for On-Air Interviews

January 28, 2011

 From veteran community radio organizer, Norm Stockwell: As for special set-up - in order to use Skype for on-air interviews, we create a "mix-minus" by feeding the Skype computer from the "audition" bus of the mixing console.

Children's Food Security Network

October 10, 2010

The Radio Tisdas Sessions: Tuareg Music and Language

October 6, 2010
Excerpts of Tuareg music and a documentary by May Ying Welsh.