UN May Cancel UN Women's Radio Program

Derva Berkowitz speaking at the 60th Anniversary of the UN Commission on the Status of Women This is an Appeal from Frieda Werden of WINGS Women's International News Gathering Service: Word just arrived that the UN is poised to cancel the program "Women" produced by UN Radio's English service. There is no other program focused on women that I know of coming out of UN media. You can find it for streaming and downloading on the website http://radio.un.org My letter said that the women's coverage of the UN for radio needs to be expanded. A tremendous amount is happening in the UN involving and affecting women, but nowadays campus media, community media, and women's media are all being denied press passes to cover press conferences and events put on by the UN.The woman on the left in front is Bissera Kostova, from former Yugoslavia, current producer of UN Radio "Women".Diane Bailey doing an interview for Book Talk she was a longtime producer of UN Radio's "Women". We've never been able to get a substantial amount of serious coverage out of network media on women's issues. Who is going to cover the United Nations for us? Contact for your letters and emails of feedback and support: Diane Bailey Chief, English Language Unit United Nations Radio United Nations, Room S-850F New York, NY 10017 http://www.un.org/radio>http://www.un.org/radio mailto:baileyd@un.org>baileyd@un.org