Northern Visions' City Walks

Marilyn Hyndman from Northern Visions in Belfast, Northern Ireland sent links to their archive which is now on line.

Our Generation Archive launched...
Documenting the reminiscences, experiences, insight and appraisal of those who sought to build positive structures, resources and services amid, because of and in some circumstances despite the violence and the Troubles. people, historians, artists and celebrities take you on a conversational walk in the city to places, which have a special meaning for them as they consider the nature of place and allow us to explore new ways of seeing Belfast. Village
Built between 1866 and 1911 by the linen manufacturer John Shaw Brown, Edenderry is an excellent example of a semi-planned industrial community. Now a conservation area, Edenderry retains all of the charm and many of the features of a nineteenth century mill village. Learn about the history of this unique place and meet some of the people who worked to make John Shaw Brown's linen some of the finest in the world.