UNESCO Turns On the Radio

November 12, 2011
The demise of radio was predicted for years, but radio is adapting, transforming & is a cost-effective tool in development.


International Association of Media and Communication Researchers Conference Opens in Istanbul

July 14, 2011
Annabelle Sreberny opened the IAMCR conference on July 13 to an overflow crowd of 1700 attendees.

From a history of the organization by Kaarle Nordenstreng and Cees Hamelink:

The history of the IAMCR goes back to the first years of Unesco. Its Committee on Technical Needs in the Mass Media drafted in 1946 a constitution for an “International Institute of the Press and information, designed to promote the training of journalists and the study of press problems throughout the world............

India Plans a National Community Radio Fund

April 8, 2011
Ambika Soni announced a fund for sustainability for community radios in India.

Union Minister of Information and Broadcasting, Smt. Ambika Soni said, the Ministry will consider setting up of “Community Radio Fund”. This would be based on the model followed in several countries where the setting up of such a fund has been a success. For this purpose, the issue would be taken up on high priority with the key agencies such as the Planning Commission and concerned ministries. The setting up of such a fund would ensure the sustainability and enhanced outreach of the Community Radio Movement within the country.

International Radio Event for Migrants

November 21, 2007
A special transmission directed towards migrants.
Radio 1812/2007 invites you to Tune in on International Migrants Day! It is estimated that some 200 million people live outside of their home countries.

Hype Vs Reality in Internet/Lap Top Development

October 26, 2007
The one-laptop-per-child hype.
A lot of buzz at the Tunis meeting of the World Summit on the Information Society (organized by UNESCO and the ITU in 2005) was generated by a presentation by Nicholas Negroponte about an MIT project to design and implement an inexpensiv