Humor as Resistance in Spain

May 16, 2013
Art & Activism
"La principal arma del poder es el miedo, sin miedo no son nada y el humor los desarma"

From Enmedio:

Campaign to Stop Rubber Bullets

April 12, 2012
Creative response to the many who have been injured in recent clashes in Barcelona


Felip Puig pierde la visión de ojo a causa de una pelota de goma.

Fotos from the Como Acabar con el Malo Talleres

April 10, 2012
How to Defeat Evil-- Workshops in Barcelona


Como Acabar Con El Mal: How to End Evil

March 23, 2012
How to End Evil is a self-organized international gathering of creative activism, organized in Barcelona.

For a kit to fight evil:


There is another world beating inside this present one

June 9, 2011
Eduardo Galeano in La Acampada de Plaza Catalunya, Barcelona. (photo above: radio Puerta del Sol Madrid)

Catalan response to police crack down

May 31, 2011
At the Plaza Catalunya in Barcelona, protests set up a media center which was destroyed when the police cracked down.

Riot police scuffle with sitting demonstrators gathered in protest against the government's austeritymeasures at Barcelona's Plaza de Catalunya, May 27, 2011. Dubbed "los indignados" (The Indignant),tens of thousands of protesters have filled the main squares of Spain's cities since May 15th, in a wave ofoutrage over economic stagnation and government austerity, marking a shift after years of patience.Reuters Much more at: (plus pictures of Lisbon solidarity)

Media Center Dismantled by Police

May 27, 2011
Police take away equipment from the media center at Plaza Catalunya Leonidas Martin

 Police remove computer from media center in Plaza Catalunya

Police remove computer from media center in Plaza Catalunya

Police attack journalist as Plaza Catalunya is cleared in Barcelona

May 27, 2011
Police moved in to clear the demonstration that has lasted days in Barcelona.


Spanish Rebellion Publishes Declaration of Principles

May 22, 2011
We are united on our rage, our discomfort, our precarious life which is derived by inequality...

 Spanish RevoltSpanish RevoltDECLARATION OF PRINCIPLES