Media As Activism Conference in Delhi

October 2, 2014
A conference will be held in Delhi this week-end on the role of media in activism.

Position Paper of media activists requesting restoration of the education and outreach programs in Manhattan.

March 14, 2012
Media policy
El Barrio Community Media Center of Manhattan Neighborhood Network is where the Board will meet and hear the position paper.


Catalan response to police crack down

May 31, 2011
At the Plaza Catalunya in Barcelona, protests set up a media center which was destroyed when the police cracked down.

Riot police scuffle with sitting demonstrators gathered in protest against the government's austeritymeasures at Barcelona's Plaza de Catalunya, May 27, 2011. Dubbed "los indignados" (The Indignant),tens of thousands of protesters have filled the main squares of Spain's cities since May 15th, in a wave ofoutrage over economic stagnation and government austerity, marking a shift after years of patience.Reuters Much more at: (plus pictures of Lisbon solidarity)

Windhoek 20 Years Later and the State of African Media

May 3, 2011
20 years ago today, the Windhoek declaration was adopted and May 3rd was declared World Press Freedom Day.

Media Institute of Southern AfricaMedia Institute of Southern Africa

Abriendo Brecha-Opening the Gap

March 9, 2011
The youth group Rebelión from Cabañas, El Salvador describes their magazine Abriendo Brecha or Opening the Gap.



 Cover of the 39th edition of the Salvadoran youth made magazine Abriendo Brecha

Abriendo Brecha: Cover of the 39th edition of the Salvadoran youth made magazine Abriendo Brecha 



July 24, 2007
Media Shed creates public media installations.

MediaShed is the first "free-media" space to open in the east of England. It's a place wheremembers can come hang out, learn, propose some training, create and propose new projects using free-media or show things they have made on one of our screening nights. The MediaShed is designed to be as open and accessible as possible, welcoming.