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Maori Television has played an important role in preserving Maori language

June 17, 2011
Funded by the New Zealand Government, the station started broadcasting on 28 March 2004 from a base in Newmarket.

For a sample of their cultural programming, go to:

Developing Non-Corporate Video Publishing

April 20, 2009
The "Transmission Group" has been meeting over several years to develop open source publishing.

A meeting in Wiltshire UK Spring 2009 - the idea was to meet up and get some documentation and development done on using Drupal with Video. There were different sides of the coin. A lot of work was done on the Usability side of the user experience, and a lot of work on the following development elements. 12 people attended including the Dog

* Importing Media rich feeds with file enclosures * Subtitles displayed over video using JW player

* Grabbing non-corporate Flv files from URLs via the Embedded Media Field

* Transcoding with Media Mover and ffmpeg