RIP Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Co-Founder of San Antonio de los Baños

April 17, 2014
Media education
San Antonio de los Baños is a cinema school in Cuba that was founded by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Julio Garcia Espinosa and

Japanese Media Critic Calls for Public Access Broadcasting in Wake of Nuclear Emergency

July 9, 2012
Video & Television
An article by Eriko Arita in the Japan Times

by Eriko Arita in Japan Times

In the week immediately after March 11, 2011 — when a magnitude 9.0 earthquake and tsunami hit Tohoku and crippled the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant — most Japanese were closely watching TV news programs — amazed that a nuclear crisis was now threatening their lives.

Position Paper of media activists requesting restoration of the education and outreach programs in Manhattan.

March 14, 2012
Media policy
El Barrio Community Media Center of Manhattan Neighborhood Network is where the Board will meet and hear the position paper.


Local Content Regulations: Support for Indigenous Culture in Kenya

January 1, 2012
Media policy
The Kenyan National ICT Policy, set the foundation for building digital local content.

 Policy, Law and Regulations:   The National ICT Policy, set the foundation for building digital local content. Kenya Information and Communications Act (Cap 411A) tasked the Communications Commission of Kenya to develop Kenya Information and Communications (Broadcasting) Regulations, 2009. where “Local content” means the total of all television or radio programmes which fulfil any five of the following conditions:

Maori Television has played an important role in preserving Maori language

June 17, 2011
Funded by the New Zealand Government, the station started broadcasting on 28 March 2004 from a base in Newmarket.

For a sample of their cultural programming, go to:

Migrant Workers Television in Korea Has Covered Many Immigration Issues

May 18, 2011
Program subjects include human rights, health care, multicultural education, employment permits.

Issues that have been covered by Migrant Workers Television (MWTV) are health care, employment permits, multi cultural education, ethnic cultural events,  human rights, crackdowns on refugees.  Immigrants in Korea come from Bangladesh, China, Philippines, Mongolia, Burma, Indonesia, Thailand, Nepal and Vietnam. Many of the programs are in these languages and cover specific issues of interest to migrants.

A list of their programs sorted by ethnic community and subjects is at:



Deep Dish Television is working on a series about migration:

The Media War in Honduras

June 29, 2009
As a coup happens, Chavez addresses the Honduran soldiers.