Bangladesh Inaugurates Community Radio Law

October 7, 2011
Information Minister Abul Kalam: " the present gov. believes in... protecting the rights of the media men.'(sic)

 Forum Theatre popularizes concept of Community Radio in Bangladesh


RAJSHAHI, Oct 7   Information Minister Abul Kalam has said the present

Migrant Workers Television in Korea Has Covered Many Immigration Issues

May 18, 2011
Program subjects include human rights, health care, multicultural education, employment permits.

Issues that have been covered by Migrant Workers Television (MWTV) are health care, employment permits, multi cultural education, ethnic cultural events,  human rights, crackdowns on refugees.  Immigrants in Korea come from Bangladesh, China, Philippines, Mongolia, Burma, Indonesia, Thailand, Nepal and Vietnam. Many of the programs are in these languages and cover specific issues of interest to migrants.

A list of their programs sorted by ethnic community and subjects is at:



Deep Dish Television is working on a series about migration: