Report from Radio Victoria


On this day it is sunny and not too hot in El Salvador, there have been consistent afternoon or evening rains and some flooding but not like the problems we usually have. Hopefully things will continue on at a moderate pace.
The bus drivers are threatening to strike or triple bus fare because they say the subsidy they receive is not enough, and they still have old smoke billowing buses and almost throw off passengers they barely stop to drop off and yet they are fast efficient and still cheap.
President Funes just announced the "Mons. Romero Tourist Route", yay!!! more political tourism, or spiritual tourism, i guess.
And the so-called gang truce is holding in some ways, at least the statistics look better, but there is still a lot of violence and some disappearances that may not be counted in those statistics.
We have our presidential candidates all ready and picked out so we can have an 18 month electoral campaign period, oh boy!!! Here every year is either elections or electoral campaign since mayors and legislators get elected every 3 years and the president every 5 years!  you do the math!
Imágenes integradas 3  Santa Marta just celebrated 25 years since the first group returned from the refugee camp in Honduras in 1987!!! so historic, there was a pre-dawn candlelight procession with singing and loud home grown rockets scaring my puppydogs and soccer tournaments and dances for the young, the rebel veterans and the elderly, a new documentary saluting the 25 years and all the community's achievements, lots and lots of huge pots full of tamales, rides for the kids, ferris wheel, merry go round, worm, swirling swings and more, games of chance and skill, and a whole lot of mud!!!
Imágenes integradas 5      The Radio hums along (, doing workshops with radio personnel but also with our community correspondents and our newly formed Radio Listener Groups, our coordinating team is exhausted but happy with so much good work. We have our second young person at the Global Platform course in Suchitoto learning how to be an effective activist. One of our radio workers is about to graduate with a degree in communications and another just got a job in Ecuador as the news coordinator for ALER's Latin American news show "Contacto Sur". We have a new baby in the Radio family, one week old today, welcome Diego Emmanuel Navarrete Rivas!!!  and 2 more coming in the next months!
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We are working on a campaign that we will present to you all soon on possible radio projects to support, projects that will keep us close up to the communities and other vulnerable populations, make us partially energy independent and keep some of our good on-going projects working, so stay tuned and don't empty out your pockets yet!!!
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We have a new transmission tower in the western part of Cabañas so now we have better coverage, reach more communities which brings with it more responsability. There are still quite a bit of technical difficulties, but we push forward in order to offer a better service to our audience.
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And here is a good part of the Radio Victoria team at the beach celebrating our 19 years on the air this past July!!!!