Yuri and Malcolm at 125th Street and Old Broadway.

Yuri-Malcolm Mural from Dave Lippman on Vimeo.



As mentioned by Akemi Kochiyama, Malcolm and Yuri shared much in common: the same birthday(May 19), community (Harlem) as well as a history of incarceration (Yuri was imprisoned in an internment camp and Malcolm converted to the Nation of Islam in prison) Yuri would join Malcolm's Organization if African American Unity (OAAU) seeking the internationalize the Black freedom struggle. She was also present the fateful day February 21,1965 when Malcolm was assassinated.

Seeing the bold, powerful hues on the wall reflect back in the faces of folks there who are on the front lines of fights against gentrification and police brutality, serves as a reminder that radical creativity and multiracial coalition in service of Black Liberation and human rights modeled by Yuri and Malcolm is a living legacy on streets of Harlem and beyond.

Mad love to the organizers of this who sweated through many summers and forged authentic grassroots partnerships with the community to get the project finish. The mural is on display at 125th Street and Old Broadway.  --- Kazembe Balagun