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Links Not Chains



By: Quay Dollaz

Things going get better b4 they get worst
No letters from who you love
Damn dat shit hurts
Locked in da cell
Got no bail
Payed 4 lawyer but he not doing to well
People get under pressure, talking start snitching
Living in p.c., How could you eva 4giv'em
You use to be the man, but things switched up
On ya visiting days only momma shown up
Might get threw on da phone
Just said catsup, next thing you no
Phone be hanging up
Freedom mean everything. I miss mine
but when its that time
You gotta cross that line.
Its a war zone in these streests
You Indian givin, my team plain for keeps.
Rite now I am in the box
Can't do nothing but think
Cold is hell, wishing I had a mink
Stomach wiling. They not feeding u rite
Locked in wit nothing to eat but bread at nite
Officer mad so he wanna put your handcuffs tight.
Aww Lord, another slave day
Pigs couldn't wait into they got Quay!
Stop pointing fingers like I am da bad guy
I still salute, keep a smile & hold my head high
I did dis or they did dat
Stop talkin, where ya proof
Theres 3 sides to a story
Your side, their side & the Truth!


Every year, tens of thousands of our clients, brothers, fathers, mothers, sisters cousins and friends are locked up in the New York State prison system. They are shut away behind bars and stripped of their freedoms, opinions, and rights as human beings. Links Not Chains was created to give voice to those who much of our society wants to ignore, wants to forget, wants to keep silent.


My name is Alena Aguilar, I am a Social Work Intern with Bronx Defenders since last September and one of my tasks is to update the "Links Not Chains" blog.

As you may already know, Links Not Chains is a blog dedicated to the creative expression of Bronx Defenders clients who are currently incarcerated.

We have already received many great submissions from clients, including poems and art work.  Please visit the blog at  to view the work.

We would love to continue to receive more submissions. If you have any incarcerated clients who you think may be interested in submitting work, please respond to this email with their name and NYSID / DIN / B&C etc. so that we can mail them a letter soliciting entries along with a release form. 

If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to ask. 

Thank you and have a wonderful day!

Alena Aguilar

Social Work Intern