Radio Victoria Prepares to Cover the Elections in El Salvador


Today in Radio Victoria we are full steam ahead with Presidential elections coverage, starting at 4 a.m. radio team members gathered and met at the Radio to receive their credentials and t-shirts and then head out to different voting centers throughout Cabañas.
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We have 24 correspondents covering 22 voting centers in this historic process where for the first time there is 100% residential voting throughout the entire country in 1,500 centers. Before many people did not vote because they had to travel distances to exercise their right to vote.
We also have 6 people in Radio Victoria receiving reports from our correspondents, analyzing and commenting on the election process, social networks, keeping up on national news and connecting with our national community radio association every hour to broadcast national stories and reports from sister radios.
Today is also historic because it is the first time that 23,000 members of the National Civilian Police can vote, never before since their existence in 1993 have they been able to vote because they were dispatched throughout the country offering security to all the voting centers. Today with a special card they were allowed to vote wherever they were stationed between 6 a.m. and 7 a.m.
There are few reports of fraude or problems in voting centers. One presidential candidate said there were few people voting while another candidate said there were many people voting and since the process is quick and agile it looks like not so many people.
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There are 3 strong candidates in this election and so there is a possiblity of a second round of voting. We all hope things can be decided today because of the expense of going through another election process but also it is just exhausting on so many levels since everything that happens is related to the campaign.
I will give a report later on today, the polls close at 5 p.m. and the Supreme Electoral Tribunal has promised to have final results no later than 10 p.m.
Abrazos, the Radio Victoria Team.